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One of the things about people's web pages, is that you never get to see a picture of who's doing the talking. So I decided to create this web page. That's me, sitting on the steps in the back ground. I was born Gregory Christopher Mueller in East St Louis, Illinois, in 1951. My folks moved me to Washington State, when I was but a wee tyke. I've grown up here, tried to move away a couple of times but keep on coming back. Not the best place in the world for astronomy, I admit, but a nice place to live. I'm a machinist by trade and own and operate my own business, "Mueller's Machine Shop" (trick name eh?) In the forground is my dog (he debates that label) "Jack". He's doing his "Dog from Heck" imitation for this photo (what a ham).

My favorite photo of my wife Linda. I took this a few years ago at her birthday party at her brother's (Doug) house. Just one of those "happy accidents" (the photo) that turned out real well (I think). Anyway, I've always liked it, so I thought I'd put it on this page, as she is part of "me".

Alpha & Omega
(The Beginning and The End)

On April 15th 1999, Jack lost his 3 year battle with cancer. It has been a great loss to us. However as doors close, others open, and at the end of June a new friend came to live with us. His name is Usul, which means "the strength at the base of the pillar" This is him at 6 wks. The steps are to the right

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